• Product Name: 360° DOUBLE DEVICE EASY MOP
  • Item Number: JLT11-1
  • Views : 1185

●  Microfiber mop head works great wet or dry.
● Banded strands make the mop super-absorbent.
● Mop cleans easily around and under furniture, in the bathroom and along baseboards and other hard-to-reach places.
● Keeps your hands out of dirty water.
● Mop head disengages with your foot so your hands never have to touch the mess.
● Handle angle may be adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees for the most comfortable mopping position.
● Mop made of plastic, good stainless steel and microfiber fabric; bucket made of high quality plastic.

Item Number JLT11-1
Barrel Size 446X274X317
Foldable Pole 120mm
Pole Material Stainless steel
Mop Head Microfiber
Color Customized
Package Carton
Package Dimension 450X330x280
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